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Academic and Professional Aviation Center provides training for both recreational and professional RPAS users. UgCS is a great example of complete software providing solutions from very simple waypoint missions up to complex multi-drone operations with ADS-B transponder support and even multi-node deployment. Ability to customise maps, no-fly zones, different actions at waypoints any many other functions allows to plan and conduct safe automatic flights in professional and simple way. Auterion is transforming how enterprise entities, humanitarian organizations, emergency response teams collect and action data, improve workflows, deliver goods, and save lives and property. The most scalable, secure and reliable drone and payload line-up available today is powered by Auterion. Our integration with the ESRI site scan app is providing the world’s best, fully integrated enterprise workflow for mapping.

End users get technical support from software developing companies. We work with the industry’s leading companies to deploy and build scalable LiDAR and drone mapping software and hardware to help users achieve successful data collection, processing, and management. We also offer training, support, and consulting services for ultimate success. Enable repeatable drone missions for security, asset monitoring, or progress tracking, wherever you are. While DiaB systems hold immense potential, their adoption today is very limited owing to their complexity and prohibitive cost.

Intelligence for the entire solar industry — asset owners, managers, O&M, engineers, EPCs, financiers and OEMs. Standardize and compare data across installations, increase performance and reduce costs. SenseFlyis a Parrot-owned company founded in 2009 by a team of robotics researchers, and is an industry leader in mapping drones. Their data collection and processing tools are employed by customers around the world in fields such as surveying, agriculture, GIS, industrial inspection, mining, and humanitarian aid.

Integrate 3rd party software for data processing in real time via Bentley, Pix4D and AirMap, Unifly etc for airspace traffic management. PrecisionHawk is a leading provider of drone technology for the enterprise. They provide user-friendly data collection tools to collect and process high-quality data. PrecisionHawk offers everything from data processing to 3D terrain mapping. Check out their mapping/modeling/inspection software PrecisionAnalytics that uses AI to help enterprises better utilize data collected by drones to solve business challenges.

As was mentioned already, the huge role of its work is the rotors that rotate with the high speed. In addition, the unit should have a power source, that is usually, quite heavy. However, modern technologies allow gadgets to be powered by solar energy, so drones are no exception. The main advantage of this power source is it is lightness but it requires a bigger area for installment. If you have other technical tasks that you would like to implement, we will be happy to conduct our technical assessment of these tasks and propose a solution.

Eventually, they transitioned into their increasingly popular aerial video quadcopters. In early 2017 they announced the launch of the Typhoon H520, designed specifically for commercial applications, as well as a huge customer service initiative to provide high-quality service. In 2018, adding to their list of first, they launched the first-ever voice-controlled drone, Mantis Q. The software’s end-to-end nature allows for full control over all stages of the process using a single interface.

SmartSkies connects customers, vendors, and drone providers within the same ecosystem, providing end-to-end capabilities. Our customizable solution supports drone service providers anywhere in the world. SkyGrid, a combination of AI and blockchain, is a smarter way to manage airspace for drones, unmanned aircraft, and air taxis. Our AerialOS™, which monitors, predicts and adapts to changes to airspace traffic, environmental conditions, vehicle performance, and vehicle performance, enables safe, autonomous flight. Blockchain technology enforces airspace rules and ensures compliance.

Airport no-fly zones can be disabled in UgCS PRO and UgCS ENTERPRISE. The newly introduced LiDAR toolset of UgCS unlocks the full potential of LiDARs making remote sensing most efficient. Key features include precise calibration, flight patterns for route planning, anti-shake turns, constant line spacing and buffer. However, you can use it for free while you learn how to use photogrammetry software. Another mapping software that is useful for a wide range of uses is 3DF Zephyr by 3DFlow.

Dji Gs Pro

Three fundamental pillars allow the management of fleets of robots seamlessly in the field, with the end-to-end nature of the software allowing full control at all stages of the process under one simple interface. Orchestrate and control fleets of drones and robots from different vendors. Deployments can be on the cloud, on-premises, or on the edge, dynamically offloading data via 5G to achieve optimal performance. Integration with business information systems, Unmanned Traffic Management, sensors, and third-party AI platforms augment and enhance the capabilities of each individual system. Deploy various use cases in different sectors and verticals with the same vital platform capabilities under key modules, unlocking scalability and opportunities for exponential growth. We build highly accurate geospatial mapping interfaces for drone-captured aerial images.

These interviews also helped analyze the solution, platform, architecture, and deployment segments of the market for six key regions. UgCS has an in-build geotagging tool, allowing to sync the timestamps of the images with the autopilot’s telemetry data recorded during the flight. After matching the geotags with coordinates and correct altitudes, the images can be used for the further processing. Create map overlays or 3D models to import them intoUgCSfor more precise mission planning.

drone software solutions

You will also uncover sowing quality and any potential yield loss that could occur. This page’s feature image is the Sultan’s Palace in Zanzibar, with images captured by Federico Debetto and processed in ODM. R package to analyze orthomosaic images from agricultural field trials. It’s an excellent solution for anyone working with a large scale drone operation. Pix4D map of mobile phone towers in Annapolis, MD. Photo by Consortiq. Although there are many excellent products to choose from, for the professional pilot, it’s tough to beat Pix4D.

Parrot Anafi Ai: The World’s First Drone Powered By Verizon 4g Lte

With a complete visual progress timeline, you’ll squash conflict, reduce rework, and minimize fuel burn. UgCS enables complex flight mission planning and visualisation in the Bavarian Alps, including automatic terrain avoidance.” Fly zone limits for routes feature gives the ability to control, that the drone does not fly too far away or higher than desired, according to local regulation. UgCS has built-in No-Fly zones for all major airports, enabling a safe flight planning near airports since the flight path will automatically be calculated around the no-fly zone.

drone software solutions

Our integrated software solutions enable end-to-end workflows from the field to the back office. From powering and controlling the drone, to analyzing data in the cloud, and integrating to your existing systems, Auterion powers and automates your operation. Our open ecosystem brings together the best from the drone industry to provide customers with greater flexibility and extensibility. Enhance your drone operations with the DJI Ground Station Pro , an iPad app.

Lifecycle UAV Management sends alerts to the drone program manager and RMUS staff when certain industry-standard maintenance or manufacturer recommendations are required. Users are notified via virtual maintenance alerts, which include videos from Jon McBride , on how to properly log in Airdata and how your drone program maintenance person can complete it. AlarisPro, a comprehensive UAS fleet management SaaS platform, provides real-time data as well as component-level tracking to optimize fleet operations. However, they don’t share information about their performance or reliability as well as incidents.


We support more file types that any other drone compliance software provider. To be able to fulfill the increasing number of jobs you are assigned, your UAV operations will require a diverse and growing fleet. Your drone operations software must be able scale and support the tools that you use.

Dronelink’s mission planner creates 3D previews for your entire mission plan in just seconds. The previews can be exported to Google Earth to verify buildings and terrain. Dronelink allows you to automate every aspect of your mission, including camera settings and drone settings.

The Drone Software Platform Built For Government Customers

Custom branding can be added to regular FlytLIVE dashboard for quick personalisation. Drone data creates accurate 2D and 3D models that integrate seamlessly with local geographic information systems, helping teams visualize results.Learn more. Drones enable large-scale, detailed surveys of natural resources, providing accurate maps and models as well as telemetry data.Learn more.

  • One simple kit for UAV mapping, data processing, and drone analytics.
  • Their cloud platform supports both U-Space and UTM, and delivers market-leading services to drone operators, manufacturers and software developers.
  • Most importantly, empower your people by equipping them with intelligent tools that expand their capabilities.
  • Their drone, the US-1, is engineered with features to serve law enforcement, firefighting, disaster response, critical infrastructure, border security, and other long-duration, heavy-lift applications.
  • Drone Harmony was founded in 2016 and set out to tackle the mathematical and engineering challenges of enabling cost-effective deployment of drone technology in industries where existing technologies were unable to deliver.
  • Thimble offers on-demand liability insurance for commercial and recreational drone flights.

PlaneSight has a sensitivity of -96.2dBm and outperforms almost every professional ADSB receiver, even those used for ATC services. ADS-B technology for drones has been essential for safer traffic in airspace, but affordable solutions have not yet been developed. PlaneSight ADS-B receiver is for professionals with very specific requirements. PlaneSight is a professional ADS-B receiver that has a sensitivity of -96dBm.

Software Emulator

Viewpoint provides the tools these industries need to improve project profitability through better visibility, risk management and real-time team collaboration. Viewpoint solutions address the full construction life-cycle, from planning/bidding to construction and facilities maintenance. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA, and with offices in the UK and Australia, Viewpoint has become the technology partner of choice, with customers located across the globe in more than 28 countries. These customers include more than 40 percent of the ENR 400, and more than 30 percent of the ENR 600. We’ve partnered with the world’s leading drone hardware manufacturers to produce a simple, integrated data collection workflow that combines UAV technology with our remote sensing smart ground control points.

Equip drones to automatically carve paths taking in consideration no-fly zones, elevation and obstacle avoidance Manage and operate your whole delivery fleet in real-time using a single web-based dashboard. Precise Landing & Delivery Deploy tags on the landing sites to precisely hover or land for package delivery. IoD platform further helps in integrating drones with other cloud-based business applications and data-processing engines, such as, Airmap, SAP, Dropbox, Slack, DroneDeploy, etc., for complete workflow automation. DroneUp provides end-to-end aerial data solutions by matching your requirements with drone pilot services. Their patent-pending, in-app platform locates, qualifies & deploys single pilot or multi-pilot crews to your job for efficient, safe and reliable deliverables.

Were Creating The Most Sustainable Drone Mapping Software With The Friendliest Community On Earth

From there, you can measure stockpiles, generate cut/fills, see survey data analysis reports, and share progress using our cloud-based 3D modeling platform. To fly automated drone missions precise maps are more important than ever. Import GeoTIFF images as map overlay into UgCS, providing the power to customize the maps to suit your needs. This type is mainly used for monitoring inaccessible territories, especially, hazardous ones in order to find a source of pollution, to estimate the land conditions, etc.

They have a strong focus on providing value for their pilots, which manifests in the usability of their platform and the fact that they allow for unlimited logging of hours. To learn more about flight ops management tools, make sure to check out our free Drone Pilot’s Guide to Flight Operations Management Tools over at Drone Pilot Ground School. DroneLifeprovides the latest drone news, product releases, YouTube videos and legal precedents to help drone enthusiasts and professionals stay informed about everything drone software solutions related to drones. The Drone Girlis a drone-focused news site run by reporter Sally French, a regular contributor to MarketWatch and The Wall Street Journal, among several other news sites. The Drone Girl was created with the intent of exploring drones and how they can assist the world via the imagery they produce and is an outlet to publish aerial photos, videos, and stories about the evolution of drones. Embention is an international UAS company founded in 2007 and focused on components and critical systems.

Pix4D offers three groups of software options for professional drone pilots. These include photogrammetry and geospatial software, industry-specific applications, and data capture solutions. A Viewpoint app, coming in early November to DroneDeploy’s app market, will allow project teams to export sitemaps seamlessly into the Viewpoint Team platform. The Viewpoint app will enable DroneDeploy users to directly publish their images to Viewpoint Team’s Project Management application using a newly incorporated application programming interface, or API.

Support all of your aircraft, controllers, and equipment in your program with one centralized software application. Simplify your drone operations and pilot training by using one flight control app for the many different types of drones in your fleet. The DroneSense mobile app can be used with the most popular flight controller displays, including iPad, iPhone, Crystal Sky, and Smart Controller. View pertinent telemetry data including height (MSL, AGL, and height above terrain ), speed, relative drone position and orientation to pilot, and gimbal angle. Toggle between sensors and access features unique to each, like zoom controls and thermal palettes. Maintain awareness of your aircraft’s position and orientation at all times, even while viewing video full screen.

Complete access to payloads is available through FlytCloud, as well. Most modern drone applications need integration with a variety of intelligent algorithms. This includes collision avoidance, object detection and tracking, precision landing, indoor navigation, object counting, leak and crack detection, and so on. Increase overall security and operational efficiency aided by a birds eye view from a fleet of interconnected drones equipped with thermal and night vision cameras. Step up surveillance techniques by collecting and analyzing data through Machine vision and AI detection capabilities.



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