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They have slim, hazel coloured (grey throughout the manga) attention having cat-such college students which make him come sneaky and you will intimidating

They have slim, hazel coloured (grey throughout the manga) attention having cat-such college students which make him come sneaky and you will intimidating


Kuroo is actually detailed to get tall and you will slim which have wide shoulders, well-oriented hands, and you can a great muscle physical stature. Their black hair is definitely dirty and you will spikes up because of their bed-head. The guy even offers an edge to your their right-side you to partly covers their attention. Down to his strange hairstyle, he is from time to time entitled “Rooster Direct”.

Kuroo is often viewed putting on a black colored clothing, red sweatpants, and also the Nekoma Large jacket. Throughout the specialized matches, he wears the latest Nekoma consistent designated to the primary.


Kuroo has actually a put-straight back but really scheming character which will be experienced a beneficial “provocation specialist” by many people [1] . However positively induce anybody else that will be unrelenting whenever dishing aside snide reviews. It is displayed in the way the guy angers Tsukishima in the event that first-seasons blocker handled a beneficial nonchalant attitude to your volleyball during the summer degree go camping. However, Kuroo try kinder and a lot more genuine than what their exterior visualize delivers. Immediately after realizing he’s overstepped a column, Kuroo aims aside and you can apologizes to Daichi about the provocation. Afterwards, indicating one while he try an effective “provocation professional,” sportsmanship remains important to your [1] . He as well as cares and respects his senior coach, Yasufumi Nekomata, immensely, enough to help Karasuno improve to generally meet Nekomata’s dream of contending facing both at the nationals a real possibility.

Predicated on Kenma, Kuroo try a timid and withdrawn man who basic free online dating sites gone for the their society when he are eight yrs . old [2] . He had been hushed before complete strangers and you will awkward up to Kenma to start with, in spite of the a couple becoming close-in ages. They both bonded more video games and ultimately practiced volleyball together. Slower, Kuroo started to emerge from their shell because the two had all the more active in the recreation. He became a much higher and you may productive person, made the members of the family in school, and you can already been fun to experience sports into most other babies.

Kuroo is even shown to be a highly watchful and easy to use person regarding both volleyball and people. Although a child, he had been very alert to Kenma’s quiet, taken personality, together with the sense not to pull your off to manage one thing the brand new man didn’t have people enjoyable for the doing [2] . From inside the matches, his attentive nature while the a center blocker proves to be most lethal getting Nekoma’s rivals. He easily tunes off and you will assesses all circulate of your own spikers, enabling your to put up a profitable take off and you will ruin the new impetus of opposite team.

Up to his teammates, Kuroo is a reliable, solid master, usually guilty of lifting the newest morale of class once they are effect off having fun with sneaky quips. He seems to obtain enjoyment off against strong competitors and you may hides his anger which have evident smirks and boisterous comments, even while scheming solutions to fall apart the brand new reverse team.

Even after seeming sly and you will cool on the exterior, Kuroo and has a unique front side which is into the display as he straps in noisy obnoxious humor and you will partcipates in frivolous dialogue having Bokuto [3] . Kuroo and additionally seems to sometimes find themselves as more out of an old man or some body just a year otherwise several young than him due to the fact youngsters, while the revealed as he proclaims “Ah, youth” immediately following watching Inuoka and Hinata and you will talking with Tsukishima [4] .


Doing 8 yrs old, Kuroo gone across the street to Kenma along with his family unit members, and this contained their father and grand-parents. Whenever he was remaining by yourself, however head to Kenma’s home instead. He was listed to be shyer and taken than just Kenma, therefore the several had a tough time getting to know for every single almost every other [2] .



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